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Hang Up and Drive to StopWrex

Hang Up and Drive - Jacy Good and Steve Johnson


Spread the message of safe driving, specifically phone-distracted driving, to as wide an audience as possible - with a specific goal of doing so in areas that may not typically have access to premier and effective public speakers.


We want to get in front of high school audiences at schools that do not have the funds to bring us in otherwise. We imagine integrating StopWrex into our presentation as a sort of cobranding for these events. To maximize the reach, we are also proposing a form of digital exposure opportunities which can be attended by people nationwide. The areas we would target could be either self-directed or steered by input from StopWrex and the Milt Olin Foundation.


Our measure of impact will be the number of audience members we can reach through live presentations and through “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) style interactions on Discord, Reddit, or similar platforms. The true impact would ripple out over the years with these young drivers carrying safer choices with them.

Hang Up and Drive - Jacy Good and Steve Johnson

"Our mission is to use our personal experience with distracted driving to educate and advocate for safe driving in all forms, with a focus on phone use behind the wheel. We are Jacy Good and Steve Johnson. Jacy lost her parents and was permanently injured in a crash caused by another driver who was talking on his phone. She and her husband Steve have given their Hang Up and Drive presentation at over 1,200 events in 41 states and 3 countries since 2011."

In this emotional ATT "It Can Wait" Campaign, Jacy Good discussed her accident and road safety with teens.